Monday, July 30, 2012

Zoey's Baby

Zoey wasn't sure what to think when we brought Fynn home from the hospital. In fact, she wasn't sure what to think my entire pregnancy. I'm not sure if I wrote about this before (and I'm too lazy to go check) but Zoey had some issues during my pregnancy. She was VERY clingy, as in would watch my every move, and she reverted back to her puppy days in terms of house breaking. Prepregnancy she would have accidents if she was left home alone for extended periods and would always have said accidents on a pee pad we left in the back hall, but during those 9 months she had an "accident" almost everyday. Those accidents? Were NOT always on the pee pad. She would often have them on the couch, on the carpet, or hidden behind furniture.

Yeah, it was not pretty (and also the primary reason why we bought new furniture in the living room).

So we weren't sure how she would react to Fynn. We didn't think she would be violent or anything, Zo isn't like that, but we didn't know if she would like her.

The first two days, Zoey was just mad... at me. She wouldn't look at me or come near me. Any time I held her she would just look away dispassionately like I was nothing to her. It broke my heart. I cried to Drew several times about how I had lost my baby and how she would never love me again.

A few days later she was warming up a little. She would sit with me and look at the baby and be okay with things. Little by little Zoey has come back to me. She again sleeps curled up next to me, she cuddles, she kisses, and she is pretty much her usual self for me.

But now, she has her baby. That's right Fynn is her baby, not mine... except for if she needs something, then she's all mine (typical big sister!). This dog wants to kiss the baby all day every day. She watches over her, especially anytime I put her down (which I'll admit, isn't that often). One day I put Fynn in her swing so I could run upstairs and switch over the laundry. Fynn made a little squeaky noise in her sleep, and Zoey came booking it up the stairs to get me. She whined and grumbled until I came back downstairs and checked on the baby.

Anytime I put Fynn down, Zoey will sit and watch her, intently, until I return. It is so cute and sweet. She gets very upset when Fynn cries and makes every attempt to help the baby out. When I was driving home the other day, Fynn started crying. Zoey was sitting out front with me when it started, but she quickly jumped to the back seat to check things out and "help". I can't wait until Fynn is old enough to start interacting with Zoey. I know they are going to have so much fun together and that Fynn will forever torture and love that little puppy. 


  1. Very cute! Do you like that swing? I kind of wish our swing was that style.

  2. We have the cutest pictures of our Jack Russell standing on his "tip toes" to try and see in the bassinet. Puppies and kids can be so cute together. :)

  3. Cute picture! It takes me back to when my kids were like that! Nowadays they look like goths...

  4. Love this! You are blessed, my friend. So blessed. Beautiful baby and adorable puppy. :)

  5. Aw, those pictures are really, really precious. :)

  6. So sweet that Fynn is her baby! Aren't dogs so funny with their personalities?


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