Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Randoms of the week

  • I don't know how moms who formula or bottle feed do it. I have a hard enough time getting out of the house with enough diapers, wipes, and changes of clothing to make it through an outing... I don't know how moms manage to make sure they have enough bottles and formula/pumped milk to make it
  • I'm tired of cleaning the house...seriously, how does it constantly get messy? I blame Drew
  • I'm loving the Olympics... I know I'm not alone here, but I can sit and watch it all day long. Fynn and I are becoming experts on random sports. Seriously... how is table tennis an Olympic sport?
  • The town came and spray painted all over the neighborhood, in anticipation of (supposedly) paving this week... I'm still waiting for them to start paving... but at least all the orange, white, blue, and red lines/symbols make my daily walks interesting. 
  • I just coughed while typing. Fynn is on my belly, and she laughed too. Is 4 weeks too young to mock her mom?
  • I watch WAY too much tv during the day. Granted, I don't actually watch all of it, it's just on in the background, but I tape a boatload of shows and have them running throughout the day. Partially it's because it keeps the house from feeling too empty... partially it's because I love watching tv.
  • It amazes me that some babies are born bigger than my 4 week old is right now. Seriously. Fynn weighs 7lbs 10 ozs as of yesterday... that's smaller than a lot of newborns. Blows.My.Mind


  1. See, I don't know how you do it breastfeeding. Bottlefeeding out is a breeze. Although, I always pack more formula & bottles then is ever needed.

    And I TOTALLY hear you on the housecleaning thing. I hated cleaning our house the, oh, first 3 months of my babies life. Now that she is on a schedule, I clean after she goes to bed.

  2. Oh I WISH bottlefeeding was easy for us. My child who has fancy taste won't take powdered formula so she drinks ready made which needs to be chilled at all times so we look like nerds taking our big insulated lunch bag everywhere. ha! But it's not like bf'ing is easy for y'all anyway! You have a tough job too, woman.

    i can't believe how teeny she is! So sweet! :)

  3. haha I'm surprised at all the random sports too!

    come by and say hello! have a great Wednesday!

  4. I am so lovin' the Olympics too! I am an old swimmer, so I just eat that up!


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