Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite Fall activity?
As weird as it is, the start of school is my favorite part of fall. Okay, technically it's still summer when we start, but to me it is the "start" of fall. My love of it is probably why I became a teacher.

2. Do you follow a football team? if so which one and why?
Um... no. I live in Maine, therefore I guess I root for the Patriots... but I couldn't even tell you one member of the team and I only ever know how they're doing if they make it to the SuperBowl

3. What is something fun about Fall in your area?
The smell. There is something so crisp, clean and beautiful about summers in Maine. It gets that nice cool feel. Then there are the tress. I'm no treehugger but I love the gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows we get around here in the fall. It's beautiful, but I don't understand all the "leaf peepers" who drive all the way up here just to see it.

4. Fav Fall outfit staples?
Layers. I tend to wear short-sleeve tops with a sweater over it. This is Maine. Which means the temperature fluctuates a lot during the day. Not to mention that in the fall I'm usually in my classroom which is bipolar. On a 50 degree day my classroom could be 30 degrees or 70 degrees... all depending on its mood.

5. Thing you are looking forward to most about this coming Fall season?
All the firsts with baby Fynn. I can't wait to have her play in leaves, dress up for Halloween, have her first Thanksgiving. All of it! 

6. Favorite Fall holiday? Traditions?
I love going apple-picking in the fall. We don't go every year, but I love it when we do. And we are totally taking Fynn this year, even though she will be too young to really appreciate it. Along with apple picking come the apple crisps that we make. Nothing feels like fall like warm apple crisp and vanilla ice cream. 


  1. cute blog!

    New follower :)

    look forward to continue reading your blog.


  2. I AGREE! The smell, the colors, and the excitement of fall are all fantastic! In Maine - especially the colors :)


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