Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Guilt Plant Offs Itself

Remember the Guilt Plant? (yeah, me neither... which could be half our problem) Remember that I kill plants? 

I swear this time it's not my fault! I was sitting in the living room nursing Miss Fynn when I heard a thump and a clatter in the breezeway. I jumped up thinking either Zoey had gotten in trouble or a really stupid murderer had just blundered their element of surprise. When I got out there I found this: 

It killed itself! Jumped off the bench and offed itself!

Part of the problem may be most likely is that it hadn't been watered in... weeks? Months? No idea... I know I haven't watered it since Fynn was born and for a few many weeks before that. But still, did it really need to go to these extremes?

Yet another plant lost due to my black thumb... oops. 


  1. I too have a total brown thumb! I once bragged I kept a cactus alive...and then realized after a couple years it was plastic. So sad!

  2. i am so terrible with houseplants! i either under or over water. i stick to the garden where at least i know, if it's hot they need drink. : ) here's to a speedy recovery mr. plant.

  3. That is hysterical! Oh my goodness! On a serious note though, if you ever get another house plant, get one of those glass bubbles the waters the plant itself. You know it needs water whenever you walk by and the bubble is empty!


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