Sunday, August 19, 2012


These days I never know how long things are going to take, and it really frustrates me. I used to know exactly how long it would take to get ready, to get out of the house, etc... these days? Not so much.

It always goes one of two ways. Either I give myself too much time, and end up ridiculously early for things... or I'm scrambling at the last minute with a screaming baby and end up late. I can't win. 

The big variable? Bitty Baby of course. Whether we're on time for things completely depends on what she's doing and what she needs. For example, last Tuesday. We go to our breastfeeding support group Tuesdays at 1. Last week I started getting ready at 11 (because that's what we do). I showered, got dressed, dressed Fynn, took Zoey out, Fynn and I ate a quick lunch and we were ready to go. Not. We needed to leave by 12:20 to get there on time. At 12:10 Fynn decided she was hungry again. Then I realized the diaper bag was out of wipes. And that I didn't have a spare outfit for Fynn in the bag anymore. 3 trips upstairs, a screaming baby, and one knee bashed into the car door later and we were on the road... at 12:40... which meant we got there 20 minutes late. Luckily group is all new moms, so they totally understand... but it's frustrating. Yesterday we started getting ready at the exact same time and ended up being ready to go at 12. What gives? 

Obviously it's not a huge deal when I'm going to new mom groups or to dinner at the in-laws... but pretty soon it is going to matter. Going back to school is going to be the biggest one. How on earth are Drew and I going to get ourselves, Fynn, and Zoey ready for the day and get to work on time? Seriously. I don't see it happening. 

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