Monday, August 27, 2012

Vacation.... is over

We spent last week at the lake, with my in-laws. It was perfection. Always someone on hand to snuggle a sleeping baby (or settle down a fussy one) which meant I got to read a whole book! And sit on the dock soaking in the sun! And get thrown off a tube in the middle of the lake! (which actually kind of  hurt since my lack of exercise for the last 3 months has lead to a severe lack of upper body strength...I got a nasty scraped elbow from desperately trying to stay on the tube, luckily my awesome brother-in-law kept pulling me back on the tube so I didn't make TOO much of a fool of myself) 

Anywho. It was amazing. I got to sleep in every day because Drew took Bitty downstairs for her grandparents to spoil her while I slept in. I got to relax and just hang out, without having to worry about the baby because they brought her to me every time she needed to eat, but otherwise took care of her.

Bitty stuck her itty-bitty toes in the lake, which she enjoyed, and she wore her sick sunglasses which were super-styling, and excluding one night, she slept like a champ.

Check out her face... that's my baby

But now? We're back... and Drew's at work... and I have to take Bitty into school today to meet with some coworkers and set some stuff up for my sub (did I ever mention that I'm on maternity leave for the first 3 1/2 weeks of school??? Sooooo happy for that!). The relaxing is over, as is, apparently, her great sleeping cause Bitty was up every 2 hours last night, probably as her way to share her displeasure at vacation being over. I know Bitty, I feel the same way. 


  1. Such a cute girl. Glad you got to relax and have some "you time"

  2. She's getting so big! I'm glad you had such a relaxing vacation. Having grandparents around to help is the BEST!!


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