Monday, September 10, 2012


A few weeks ago I posted about Fynn's sleep woes... well, I guess they're actually my woes since she's perfectly happy keeping me up all night. And last night? We played that game again. 

This is a few weeks ago... when she was lost in
the giant cosleeper, now she fills it! 
In a sudden growth spurt, Fynn outgrew her cosleeper. Saturday night I realized that her arms were bumping against the sides when I tried to put her to bed, and then she would wake up when I put her down. I got frustrated after an hour of getting her to fall asleep just to have her wake up when put in the cosleeper, so I just put her in bed next to me, and she passed out. Then slept for 5 hours! I was sooo happy. 

Last night I put her in the cosleeper and realized that her toes were touching the bottom and her hands were touching the top. When the heck did that happen?? I also realized that on Tuesday she was short and pudgy and all of a sudden, as I looked down at my little baby, I realized how long and lean she looked. Crap, she outgrew her cosleeper. 
Fine, no big deal. We're not ready for the crib yet (read: Mommy still checks 20 times a night to make sure she's still breathing) so I decided that for now, she'll just sleep in bed with me. Yup, fail.

Last night she decided to be a weird noise-maker. She thrashed around in her sleep all night making weird squeaking, grunting, and sighing noises.

Did I mention that I'm a VERY light sleeper?

Yes Fynn, I have on my unimpressed face too 
It's okay though. Because I'm still on maternity leave. And while I don't really get to nap much during the day (because she only takes catnaps for the most part) I don't have to actually accomplish much. Taking a shower and doing the dishes is a day well spent. But in 17 days? I go back to work, and I'm freaking out. I'm sure this will be the subject of many posts in the next 2 1/2 weeks, so I won't go all into my issues there yet, but let me just say that I'm not going to be an effective teacher on days like today.


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for linking this up at The Parent 'Hood - it's a joy to have you with us. Your post takes me right back to the days of my little boy's newborn days - you have my empathy, my dear. It does get easier, little by little! Hang in there and enjoy the grunts and squeaks. Maybe you'll start to find them soothing after a while and miss them when adorable Miss Fynn moves out, whenever that may be! xo

  2. Hi! Found you on the blogworking link up... I'm a working mommy (been back for 3 weeks), so I feel for you... I cried the first week, but it gets better! Good luck!


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