Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fynn Randoms

  • 2 month vaccines were no joke. She had them Tuesday night and spent about 2 hours screaming... we think it was gas pains from the oral vaccines they gave her, but it was brutal. 
  • Just as brutal as her screaming last night? Was watching them stab my baby THREE TIMES... she handled the first like a champ, just a little whimper, but when the second and third came she lost it. Can't say I blame her. After the second she probably thought we were just going to keep stabbing her... poor baby.
  • She went from the 7th percentile in weight at 2 weeks to the 40th percentile at 2 months. Holy pack on the ounces baby girl! 
  • However, she also got a lot taller, she grew three inches in just 6 weeks which is crazy to me! 
  • I've written her 2 month post AND done her 2 month photo shoot... it's just taking me longer to get the pix on the computer, edited, and posted here... so her 2 month update is coming soon... like as soon as she take a nap... so probably not until tomorrow (I'm so not joking here) 

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  1. Vaccines are the worst! :( I'm glad she handled it ok overall. I remember being sooo nervous with V's 2 month shots and then she cried for like 10 seconds and was back to smiling. So by the time the 4 month ones came along I thought she'd be just fine but she was so much more aware by then that she FREAKED!!! It's no fun seeing your baby like that! :(


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