Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two Months!

I wrote this post prior to Fynn's two month birthday (which was Monday... which just so happened to be my 26th birthday.. although in an attempt to be 
forever young, I'm calling it the first anniversary of my 25th birthday)


Bah! Baby girl you're two months old today! (stop. growing. so. fast). It blows my mind... and also makes me sad that we only have a month together before I go back to work... but I'm not dwelling on that today, because this is all about where you're at. So, at two months you:
Fist pumping baby! 

  • Are getting big! According to your 2 month check up, you are 10 lbs, 15 oz and 23 inches tall. This means that you have gained 4lbs 13 oz and 3 3/4 inches in just 2 months. That's crazy how much a baby grows in such a short time... what's even crazier is that a friend just posted on Facebook that her 2 week old baby is 11lbs 2 oz!
  • Are FINALLY in size 1 diapers and 0-3 and 3 month clothing. While I love how you're growing... I may have gotten a little emotional when you wore your last newborn diaper and when I had to put away some of your adorable newborn outfits... though I was psyched to get you into some of the cute 0-3 month stuff we have! 
  • SMILE! I love your sweet, gummy smile. Every time you grin at me I get tears in my eyes because it is so precious. I try no to be jealous that you smile way more for Daddy then you do for me, but seriously girl... I'm the one taking care of you all day, show some love! 

  • Are so aware of everything around you. Your bright blue eyes (which I think are turning brown, but Daddy thinks they're going to be blue) see everything and I love watching how wide-eyed you get when you're looking at things

    This is the face you make when Call Me Maybe ends
  • Dance! So cute. Sometimes when I have music you do this little squirmy wiggles. Clearly you're a teeny bopper because when "Call Me Maybe" comes on, you always move and get excited

  • Are making more noises. Adorable coos and nonsense sounds. Sometimes it's like you're having a real conversation with me... even though I have no idea what you're saying. You've also discovered the ability to "yell", I think it surprises you how loud you can be because you will yell once and then just sit there for a minute like you're processing that the sound actually came from you

  • Grab things. It's so sweet when you grab onto my shirt when I'm holding or feeding you, it feels like you just want to get as close as possible. You reach out and hold our hands all the time.

  • Are so strong. You're great at holding up your little neck when you do tummy time and when I hold you up you try to stand (but you haven't figured out what to do with your feet when you do that since you often end up standing on the sides of your feet, rather than the bottom) 

  • Are having trouble sleeping. You are just so aware of everything going on around you that I think it's hard for you to tune out and fall asleep. It's like you're afraid you're going to miss out on something so even though your head is bobbing and your eyes are heavy, you fight it until it overcomes you 

  • Love the laundry room! Funny, but true. You love staring at the bright pink walls or sitting on top of the dryer when it's going. When I take you into the laundry room your eyes get wide and excited

  • You also love books. Especially song-like rhyming books. Sometimes when I read to you, you just stare at the book like it's the most amazing thing in the world. I can also get you to lift your head up during tummy time by putting a good book in front of you.

  • You're trying SO so hard to learn to suck your thumb, but it's not quite happening yet. You shove your fist in your mouth and poke yourself with your thumb. On the rare occasion that you accidently get the thumb in there, you suck with such glee and excitement, but then get really frustrated when you lose it. You also hate it when I try to help you do this... so you're on your own baby.

  • Your major nickname this month is Bitty. As in you're my itty-bitty baby :) This might be one that sticks because it's really the only nickname we've used for you this month... but at the rate you're going (and the size of those cheeks) Bitty might not be fitting for too much longer! 

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