Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Months

Little girl, you are 3 months old!

This month you:
  • Are at least 13 pounds... this whole working thing and not going to group every week means I don't get to weigh you on Tuesdays... I miss that. But in the last week you have outgrown all your 0-3 month clothing and a lot of your 3 month stuff too! Its funny because you have enough room in the belly for those things, but you're just too long. Who would have thought that I (at 5' 2") would have a tall baby? Still trying to figure out who you got that from.
  • You're borderline size 2 diapers. We're using up our stash of 1's during the day right now and going with 2's at night
  • Laugh! You've been giggling for more then a month now, but a couple of times lately you've had a true belly laugh. So sweet. You love funny noises and faces, especially if your daddy makes them. You also like fart noises... I'm so proud

  • This month you've gotten the hang of your hands. You grab things and play with them. It is so cool to see you exploring and figuring things out. You've also gotten good at sucking your thumb. You used to jab it at your face and often stick it up your nose or into your eye and then get upset. Or you'd get it in your mouth and end up gagging yourself. It's cute to see you really get it
  • Had a couple of major blowouts documented in pictures... your father and I have decided to save those for future boyfriends, consider this fair warning.

  • Still love baths, but now you love showers too. You lean your head into the spray and get the biggest grin on your face. When you do take baths you're starting to splash all over the place. I think we're going to have to put your infant tub into the real tub before you flood the bathroom

  • You concentrate REALLY hard. You make a funny face when you do it, but you will stare at things like you're trying to figure them out. So funny. 

  • Are sleeping in a pack n' play in our bedroom. You outgrew your co-sleeper awhile ago, and then you slept in bed with me, but that wasn't really working for either of us (as in you would only sleep laying on my belly and I wouldn't sleep at all) now that you're used to the pack n' play you go to sleep better at night and sleep longer (most of the time!)

  • Rolled over! But you only did it once! You were 11 weeks old and you went from front to back. You worked SO hard and were REALLY excited when you had done it, but you haven't done it since, which makes me sad! 

It blows my mind that you've been a part of our family for three whole months now. I still don't think of myself as a mom, but you are absolutely my baby and I love seeing you grow and learn and change... it's truly amazing. 

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