Monday, October 8, 2012

Apparently Rice Cereal is the Solution to all that Ails Me

In going back to work, I am now inundated with unsolicited advice. Again. I mistakenly thought that the advice and awkward questions would end when the baby was outside my body. My bad. Though on a side note, I did have a sub tell me in the hall the other day that I was "so much thinner" then the last time she saw me. Yeah, something about no longer being 9 months pregnant will do that for a girl. 

Back to the subject at hand, unwanted advice. People are full of it. The one I've heard a lot lately? Rice cereal. Yeah, apparently it will solve all my baby woes: 

 Baby was up 5 times last night? Rice cereal in her bottle will make her sleep 12! Whole! Hours! Oh, I breast feed. Apparently I can "put the rice cereal in that too (omg the mental image that popped up during THAT conversation!)

I have to go pump 2-3 times during the work day? I could just add rice cereal to it so that I wont have to give her as much

She's 3 months old and hasn't had rice cereal yet? She probably won't grow as well, I really should start adding some solids in to help her out. 

Along the same lines, when people ask about introducing solids/switching to formula, they are appalled when I inform them that I plan to exclusively breastfeed until she is 6 months and then continue to breastfeed with added solids until she weans herself. Apparently that is the "wrong" thing to do, even though both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization agree that doing so is what's best for babies. They must be wrong. 

Obviously if nursing stops working for us, then we'll stop, but if it's possible, I want to stick to these guidelines because I believe the research I've read as well as feel in my gut that it's best for her... Now I just need people to leave me alone. Rice cereal is not happening for a long time, if at all given the new findings on rice


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  2. Ugh, don't you hate that? I had the same when my daughter started eating solids. Funny thing is she didn't even care for the rice cereal. Plus, our pediatrician said NOT to put the cereal in her bottle. It would confuse her with getting full. Plus it would plug up the bottle. YOU are her mother, and YOU know what is best for her.

    Don't you wish you could just tell people you don't want their advice and to shut it?

  3. It always pissed me off how random strangers would ask if I was breastfeeding, and then give me the approval when I said yes. What if I couldn't breastfeed? Would they give me the stink eye? Why is it their business? I weaned at 3 months, because I couldn't fathom pumping at work, but you do whats best for YOU and YOUR BABY. Not for other people.

    Sheesh. People are so annoying!

  4. she will get EVERYTHING she needs from breastmilk! You go girl! And when you start solids, do not start with rice/grains! Meat, veggies and fruits first!


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