Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear students,

That awkward conversation we're going to have to have soon about where I go every day with my "little black bag". Yeah, I'm not looking forward to it. But since you keep asking the teachers covering for me, I know this moment has to come... but I'm going to avoid it like the plague for as long as humanly possible.

Your teacher, who's still figuring out how to address this without getting tmi with you

Dear coworkers,

I love you. You get me, you look out for me, and I would be even more of a mess if it weren't for your constant support and help.

Thank you!
Your mess of a teacher across the hall

Dear Zoey,

I love you, I miss you all day long too. But I swear, If you don't stop clawing my leg the second I get home, I'm going to lose it on you. You have sharp, pointy little claws and I'm just trying to get my 2 bags, Fynn's bag and, oh yeah, THE BABY, into the house without killing any of us. You're. NOT. Helping.

The woman with the torn up legs. 

Dear 1-year-old at daycare,

You need to stop that weird laugh/cry thing that you do. 1) it annoys me 2) Fynn doing it will annoy me even more.

Fynn's mom

Dear Fynn,

Wednesday. When I was so.freaking.excited. to see you after school. I got to daycare, saw your giggly face and the big smile. And then you saw me. You locked eyes with me, and started sobbing. Broke.My.Heart. I get that you like daycare and the cool fun kids there. But Mama needs some love baby girl.

Mom... please at least pretend to be excited to see me

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