Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'll Never Understand...

  • Why baby mobiles only play for about a minute or two. Hello, that means I have to wind it 20 times before she passes out!!!! 
  • Why the last bowl of cereal from a box has to have so many crumbs, can't the cereal companies find a better way to package that stuff so it remains whole?
  • Why people feel it's okay to ask personal questions about pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. Yeah, baby is so.SUPER.exciting... but I don't need to talk to you about such personal details. No really I don't.
  • Why the weather in Maine goes from 85 degrees at night to 30 in the span of a week. It's like August is summer and September is suddenly winter... I guess that's just Maine in general.
  • Why everything is so expensive, yet my paycheck is so small... how am I supposed to buy more headbands for the baby when I have no money?
  • Why the food that taste so good, are the ones that are so bad for me...with all our technology you would think we would have found a way for lettuce to taste like cookies and celery to taste like chocolate. Seriously. 

1 comment:

  1. You're so funny! I was just thinking about mobiles too. My daughter found her old one under her bed and asked to me to put it on. I wound it up and what felt like 30 seconds was done. Dumb! Music boxes too...she loves them, bit I have to wind them every minute.

    And I agree about everything else too. :)


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