Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumping Thought of the Day

So the other day I was sitting in an empty classroom at work. Pumping. I was mentally going through all of the things I had to get done that day and figuring out when I could fit in my other pumping sessions and worry about what my class was doing at that moment with the sub who was covering for me... and then I had a funny thought. How hilarious would it be if I actually wasn't pumping. If I was just just hanging out in that empty room reading magazines and taking a break... wouldn't that be the life?

And then I remembered. That I'm doing this for my sweet little baby, who deserves the best... and that figuring out coverage/what the heck my kids are going to do for those 20 minutes every morning and afternoon is way more work then just staying there and teaching. WAY more work.

But seriously. How funny would that be? 

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