Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sick Baby

I was home sick with the baby Monday. She was sick. It was the saddest thing in the world to hear her sniffle and wheeze. Pretty sure it was just a little cold as she didn't have a fever at all, but I decided to stay home with her anyway, so she could get some rest and hopefully feel better... not to mention after listening to her wheeze all night long I was not in any state to go to work. Of course, being that I've only been back at work for a month, I didn't have my sub folder finished yet... so I had to go in at 6:30 to put together last minute plans. Yuck. 

On the plus side, we discovered that Fynn is a very happy sick baby. She may have been stuffed up and wheezy, but she was all smiles and just wanted to play all day long. 

Then Drew stayed home with her yesterday... I think they had a lot of fun because when I came home I found her bath toys all over the bath tub, and Drew sent me a cute picture of her feeding herself a bottle. This morning she seemed fine, so I sent her to daycare. She had a great day and seems to be on the mend. Good thing too, because it was just too sad to see her all sick. 

And on another plus side, she only got up once last night. ONE. TIME. which is 3-4 less times than usual... so I am incredibly grateful. And remarkably well-rested. Its been a good day. 


  1. I always found that after being sick, Everleigh would have a major development spurt! Still at 16 months this happens!

  2. Aw poor baby! So glad she's feeling better ;)


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