Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sunday Social

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
Ok, so technically we weren't kids... but in high school Drew and I decided to go trick-or-treating (hello, free candy!) so we put together an impromptu costume. We took my dad's fur-lined coat, turned it inside-out, added a little nose and voila; Drew was a bear. I put on a heavy winter jacket, some blush on my cheeks and my little brother's fake fishing pole, and I was an Eskimo. Perfect. Quick, free costumes and lots of free candy. 

2. If you could go back and dress up as something what would it be?
No idea... I'm sure when I was a kid there were plenty of things I wanted to be, but I can't think of any of them now. 

3. Favorite costume as an adult?(pictures)

That year in high school was the last time I dressed up for Halloween so I don't really have an adult costume. I passed on the dress up in college since everyone was going with the "sexy"-whatever costumes that were more skanky than anything else. 

4. Favorite Halloween Candy?
Sour Patch Kids... if we buy them to hand out, I'll end up eating them all. 

5. Favorite Halloween Memory?

When I was a kid there were some dads in the neighborhood who got together and did a hay ride for all the kids. It was awesome because you got to see everyone AND you got rides to all the houses which meant you got to hit up more house then you could on foot. 

6. Whats your favorite scary movie?

I no longer like scary movies since they give me nightmares and make me scared of my own house. BUT when Drew and I were in high school we went through a phase where we watched every single scary movie we could find. My favorite from back then was Hitcher... I don't even remember who was in it, I just remember it was about a hitchhiker who was picked up by a psycho and it scared the crap out of me for weeks. 

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  1. stopping by from the hop!! i can't watch scary movies either!!! and love sour patch kids!

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