Friday, November 16, 2012


The other day I was holding Fynn and I kept having to pull her pant legs back down because they kept riding up and exposing her little bitty legs to the cold air. I actually ended up pulling her socks up to ridiculous lengths in an attempt to keep her legs warm. Seriously, she looked so cute and crazy at the same time. 

And then I got an e-mail about Babylegs from Their site calls this Gapiosis and fixes it by basically being an adorable baby leg warmer. Um... I love this. 

 I love legwarmers anyways. In fact 2 years ago I had my grandmother knit me a pair of pink legwarmers because I found a pair she made my mom like 20 years ago and I needed to have some 
Not Fynn, but oh, so freaking cute!

Fynn totally needs some baby leg warmers. How cute would her pudgy little legs look??? They're only $6 which is a pretty sweet deal and they come in a TON of cute colors and styles. If you cloth diaper, they even have a line that matches bumGenius's styles. 

I love how cute they are, but more than that, I love how useful they are. Put them on when it's colder, take them off if it gets too hot. I also like how they leave the feet free so that you can get to those adorable little toes. 

Did I mention that they will fit forever? Okay, maybe not FOREVER as they're probably going to get worn a lot, but they can fit anything from bitty babies to grown ups and can be worn on arms or legs... hmm... which means I can get Fynn and myself matching pairs. Better not tell Drew about that plan. 

*Disclaimer: The opinions and thoughts in this post are all my own. However, I did receive a free product in exchange for my post.

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