Monday, November 19, 2012

Busy November

Hey all,

Sorry for all the reviews and giveaways this month. Okay, just kidding, they're totally awesome, but they have caused me to get away from the real reason why I blog... to talk about me!!!! :) Anywho. I love all the opportunities I've been getting lately from movie giveaways and sponsorships to beauty product samples and baby accessories . It's been a crazy-busy blog month. Things will be slowing down in a few more weeks (unless some new sponsors get in touch with me... hint, hint) and I'll be focusing more on writing all about me, and the baby of course. So thanks to those of you who have been all over my current sponsor kick and to those of you who haven't been feeling those posts, thanks for sticking around!

Loves you all,



  1. I love blog giveaways :) I do a lot of reviewing and giveaways, too - you should check them out.

  2. I've felt the same way but bring it on! lol


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