Sunday, November 11, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Fynn is so a Daddy's girl already. She lights up when he gets home at night. The sound of his voice or the sight of him sends her into instant excitement mode. She grins, sends those little arms and legs flying and squeals with joy.

I both love and hate it.

The good mom in me love how excited she is about her Daddy. My heart swells when I see them together and I just feel so blessed to have them both. I love how Drew has really blossomed into an amazing, loving father. I'll be honest, when I was pregnant I wasn't sure how this would all work out. Drew's never been much of a fan of kids... in fact they used to scare the daylights out of him, but now he's not only all into his own kid, he likes others too. There's this little girl at Fynn's daycare who visits with him and blows kisses to him every day... he loves it, and I find it hilarious.

The jealous mom in me, is just that; jealous. I can spend all day with Fynn taking care of her, playing with her, loving on her, and she's just meh about it. But the second Drew walks in she's all smiles and giggles... so not fair.

I get it though, Drew's always been the fun one. Zoey knows that when she wants to play and run she goes to Drew, and when she wants to snuggle and be loved on, she comes to me. So I assume that Fynn will figure that out soon enough too... but it's still hard when she's fussing in my arms, only to be all smiles in his. 

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