Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's been a really, really messed up week.

I haven't posted much this week besides reviews and pre-planned posts.... I knew this week would be rough, but I didn't know how crappy it would end up.

It was conference week. Always long. Always stressful. Last night I have 9 conferences and didn't get home until 7... I got to see Fynn for about 10 minutes before she went to bed. Not going to lie, that was rough. And depressing. Most of my conferences went well, but they're just very draining and mentally exhausting. I did have one conference that wasn't so hot... any they want to meet again in a few weeks. Right, because I REALLY want to spend more time with them. Blah.

Add to that that it was a "short" week due to having Veteran's Day off...I always look forward to days like that, but the rest of the week always drags on It's like the anticipation of a quick read just fools you. Not cool.

Then there was Thursday. The coup de grĂ¢ce of my awful week. It started off bad. I told Drew that I would drop Bitty off at daycare since he had done drop off AND pick up Tuesday and Wednesday because of my conferences. I was trying to help him get to work early. And then I got halfway to daycare... and realized I had left her bottles and her bag at home. It was 7:20, and I had a conference at 8... no time to head back home and grab them. 

So poor Drew had to turn back around, get the bottles, break into the house because he's smart enough to not have a house key on his key chain, and go to daycare before getting to work. So much for letting him get to work early.

Then it got worse. And super awkward. I was standing in front of my class when I realized I was leaking like crazy. I quickly threw on a sweater, but not quick enough because I had a couple of students asking me if I had spilled something on my shirt. Awesome. My shirt dried quickly, and was luckily a good color/pattern that didn't show much... but I still had to sit there in a wet bra for the majority of the day. Awesome

I am soooo glad that tomorrow is Friday. I need the weekend. Even better is the 2-day week I have next week before 5 whole days of uninterrupted Fynn time. I can't wait! 

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