Monday, November 12, 2012

Life and Everything Else in Between: Sponsor Post and Giveaway

Meet Nathan. He blogs over at Life & Everything Else in Between, LEEIB for short. Besides being one of the few male bloggers out there, Nathan also just happens to be a former high school classmate of mine.

My blog is a lifestyle blog for the most part. I started it a few years ago as a way to keep a detailed account of my life. It's purpose was to be somewhat of a journal but it's changed a bit over the last year. I now have a promotional program where four or five times a year I raise money for different charities and I also host a giveaway program and a monthly link up. In October I raised money for breast cancer awareness and starting November 27th I'll be raising money for the Toys for Tots program. Blogging has been a great way for me to meet new people, many whom I consider good friends, and a way for me to reach out to the community.

I also spend a lot of time now posting photos and blogging about my daughter, Lillian. Lily was born in May and she's quite the spoiled little child. She's the first baby in the family for both grandparents which means double everything, especially clothes.

As you can see my blog is about Life & Everything Else In Between!

Along with everything else, Nathan is doing a giveaway for us! He is giving away a $25 e-gift card to AND one month of ad space (200x125) on his blog. All you have to do is enter below to win! 

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  1. Hi Nathan! Glad see a Daddy blogger here! I'm joining!

  2. How neat that you raise money for different charities on your blog! Good for you. It's also wonderfully uncommon to hear from a daddy blogger!


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