Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mid-week Randoms

  • When we go for walks, Zoey likes to stare down other dogs while she pees on their yard... spiteful little brat... I'm so proud
  • I'm so not proud that Fynn loves having the dog lick all over her face AND in her mouth. So gross, and Zoey is sneaky about it so I catch them mid-makeout too often my for my liking
  • I do find it funny though when Zoey is licking the crap out of the baby and then Fynn grabs onto her face and yanks on her fur... serves Zoey right... those two are clearly going to be BFF's 
  • I accidently left the front door unlocked all night the other night... thank goodness the creepers didn't choose that night to break in and kill us all in our sleep... I would have felt really bad about that. 
  • I look at Fynn a couple of times a week and notice just how long she is. How the heck did I end up with a tall baby??? The phenomenon mystifies me
  • For about a month now I haven't been putting away clean laundry. When I do laundry I just throw the baskets with clean laundry in our bedroom... I fold some of it, and leave the piles on the floor and the rest gets worn right out of the baskets. So much easier
  • Zoey seems to think that the baby's toys are her new toys... I can't blame her because most of them look the same, but I'm trying to get her to see the difference. 

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