Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{Pico}, /Fermi/, ~Bagel~

This post is a shout out to Beth, who I know checks me out (both on the blog and in person) 

My long-term sub from when I was on maternity leave subs in my building a lot and sometimes ends up being the person covering for me when I go to pump. This is awesome for a couple of reasons 1) she knows my classroom...probably better than I do and 2) she comes up with some crazy-cool things to do with my kids when my plans end early and she has a few minutes to spare before I return. Enter this, which I walked into the other day:
Yes, I took a picture of my white board

At first I just stared at the board in my room trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Then, between reading the board completely and a quick tutorial I got it. Basically it's that game Mastermind where they try to guess a number. This was a easy version of it, since they didn't have much time to kill. 

Later I looked it up, and it actually is a real game (sorry Beth, totally thought you made this one up). Which leads me to my question. Obviously I get the use of the word bagel. Big fat O to represent not having anything right. But what's a pico? What's a fermi? Why is this game named that?

Can anyone answer my questions? 

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