Saturday, November 3, 2012

She did what?!?

Fynn's laying on the floor making screeching noises and flailing her little limbs. Zoey moseys over for some kisses. Zoey laps at the baby's face, which earns her a little push from me and some harsh words. I sit back down as Zoey edges in closer again. Suddenly Fynn's pudgy little arms flash out and get a good grip on the fur on the side of Zoey's face. She pulls hard. Zoey takes it... it's been happening a lot lately and Zoey's really good about letting the baby pull at and kick her. However, Fynn has decided to take it a step further tonight. Instead of just pulling on Zoey's face. She pulls her close... and BITES her. Gets her little gummy mouth all over the dog. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh that is SOOOO funny. We kept our new little granddaughter, Rio the other night and our little Clayton went over and kissed her tiny ear over and over again. Rio is still too young to grab yet but in time!


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