Thursday, December 6, 2012

5 Months

Holy Crappo baby, we've reached 5 months!

Here's what's going on in baby world:

You weigh about 15 pounds. Wear size 2 diapers, though you're almost big enough for size 3. You squeeze into some 3 month clothes and are starting to fill out 6 month stuff. 

  • Pretty sure your official nickname is Bitty or Bids, as in Bitty Baby... we started calling you that at 6 weeks and it's stuck. While your're no longer incredibly small for your age, your still little, and still my bids. 
  • You've rolled a couple more times, even for your daddy once. I have the feeling that you are perfectly capable of doing it, but just choose not to most of the time. Whenever you do it and we get all excited you give us this look like we're nuts for thinking this is a big deal. Clearly you're just too cool for rolling
  • I do, however, think you're going to crawl pretty soon. You scoot up your bum and move your arms and legs like you're ready to go... you just haven't figured out how to get all your limbs to work together and get you moving.
  • You got some hair... really in just the last 2 weeks it's started sprouting. Now we can actually see it. You're either going to have light brown or blonde hair... not sure yet. 

  • You found your toes this month. I'd love to give you credit for this, but you really noticed them while we were on a play date (with a younger baby!) and she was checking hers out. All of a sudden you looked down and were like "holy crap, where did those things come from?". Since they you love looking at them and grabbing them. You stuck them in your mouth once, but based on the face you made I'm assuming they didn't taste very good. 
  • You squeal... like a banshee. It's both ridiculously cute and ridiculously annoying at the same time. Bravo for being able to do both those things in one action. 
  • You are majorly in love with both your puppy and your daddy, and you're really cute with both of them... now share the love with your Mama... seriously. 

  • You are mad teething. It's so sad and obnoxious. You get really fussy and nothing seems to make you feel better when they're really bothering you. You pull your ears, gum everything you can and actually cry out with something that sounds like "owie". To make matters worse, you actually managed to bite your tongue the other night and made it bleed. We're doing everything we can to make you more comfortable, but I'm hoping that tooth pops soon. 


  1. She is so stinkin cute! I think she looks like just like Drew right now.

  2. SO SO cute! I agree with the above comment, she definitely is looking like hubby!:)

    Poor baby (and mama) with the teething. It'll get better soon enough...and then there will be more. haha. You get the hang of it after a while!

  3. hey there! love your blog!
    new follower from the GFC link up ;) follow back? :)


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