Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Babies R Us has failed me again

We've been good to Babies R Us this past year. Between our baby registry and all the stuff we have bought recently for ourselves and for friends with babies, we've done a lot of business with them.

Back in May, we were very disappointed. When we bought a glider for Fynn's room and were promised a BRU gift card when we picked it up. A week later when we went in to get it, we were told that our purchase didn't qualify and were treated like we were idiots for not knowing that. We were annoyed, because it was their staff member who told us about the gift card and she promised that our purchase did qualify. They were very rude to us, and I sent an e-mail to the company telling them about our experience. They were useless as well, just saying they were "sorry we had a bad experience".

Things have clearly not changed.

On Black Friday, we went out at 5 am (yup, with the bitty. Whatever, she actually slept better while we were out shopping that night than she usually does at home). We went out specifically to purchase a Motorola Video Monitor for half price. Half price people! We were soooo excited. We had wanted a video monitor, but didn't have the cash to spend so much. This was perfect for us!

We took it home, and loved it for the first couple of days. Then it got funky. The video got all grainy and green and you couldn't see a thing. It's one of those products that says not to return to the store, but to contact the company. So I did. I e-mailed back and forth with the guy who told me to take it back, because it was clearly faulty.

This leads us to last week. We went back to Babies 'R' Us to return our monitor. Unfortunately they didn't have the same monitor in stock. They looked at their computers and for some reason they didn't have any at any store in the district. So they gave us two options. 1) Take the money back or 2) Shell out an additional $50 for the exact same monitor because they would have to get it online and ship it to our house... um, why couldn't they order the monitor to the store and then have us pick it up? According to them, they couldn't do that. The customer service person was actually very nice, and was trying to help us out, but it was clear that the store policy and/or manager were making it impossible for her to help us.

I'm disappointed. I keep giving Babies R Us another chance. And they keep letting me down. They clearly do not stand behind their merchandise as they made no real attempt to replace a faulty monitor. The worst part, to me at least, is that they just don't value their customers. The product they sold didn't work. Most places would bend over backward to at the very least replace the item. Babies R Us apparently does not have this mindset towards their customers. In both these incidents (and in a few others we've had) they just don't care about the people keeping them in business.

I'm done with them. I'm tired of they way they treat me when I'm having an issue with their product and I can't trust them to sell me items that are of good quality. This time they couldn't even be bothered to e-mail me back about it. Not going to lie... I'm thinking of posting on thier Facebook wall too... maybe if more people hear about their poor customer service, they will do something to improve it.

**update** I got an e-mail back from BRU about a week and a half after my original e-mail saying that the store just followed their return policy. The fact that this is okay to them is disgusting. I'm sending them this post, I'm done with this company. 


  1. Wow! Don't tell Erin that.. when we go to Maine that's her store of choice! That's too bad that it's been a bad experience. When I worked in retail our manager would bend over backwards for the customers no matter what. Sounds like Baby's R Us doesn't mind losing business. What they should have done was call another district manager and have the product shipped to their store at no cost to you. It's not like they're losing money anyway since they jack the prices up on most products anyway. Sorry for my rant but as someone who used to work in retail that bugs me! I didn't always agree with what the customers said when they brought something back but no matter what we were required to help them every way we could, even if that meant the company lost money.

  2. YUP! There was one good manager at ours for a while and he was the only person I would deal with because everyone else is SO rude. I don't know why I keep going back. We seriously need a buybuy baby near us. I heard theyre wayyy better.

    It's like we're bothering them when WE'RE the ones spending hundreds and THOUSANDS of dollars which is why they even have a job. Okay, now I'm just getting frustrated all over again haha.


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