Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear students,

TGIF... for both our sake. Seriously. This week has been loud, crazy, and exhausting. We all need this vacation next week.

Your tired teacher... who has a headache

p.s. I may be annoyed with you, but I still greatly appreciate your generosity in all the gifts, homemade treats and cards you've given me this week.

Dear baby girl,
You're almost 6 months old. Start sleeping through the night

Mama, who's jealous of all the mom's whose babies have been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks. (seriously how do they do that?!?)

Dear Zoey,

We've nicknamed you Stoop Dog this week because you're too chicken to leave the stoop and brave the rain/snow for your walks. Therefore, you can't be so antsy and obnoxious... you chose not to walk.

Knock it off (bonus points if you can name the show/character that nickname is based on)

Dear Grammy,

You mailed a package to my house. You didn't tell me about it, but you told my mother and told her that I was not to open said package until Christmas. It was open 30 seconds after we got it in the house.

You should know better

Dear Cabelas,

I love, love, LOVE the pink camou baby sweatshirt I saw there the other day. I just can't see spending $30+ on a sweatshirt my sweet baby will outgrow within a few months.


Feel free to send me one in a 6-9 month size

Dear world,

If you end today, then it was nice knowing you. 

A blogger who no longer exists. 

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  1. Hey Arnold, Stoop Kid!! "Stoop kids afraid to leave his stoop!"


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