Monday, December 31, 2012

Guest Post: New Years Resolutions

As 2012 comes to an end, a lot of us are starting to think about our New Year's resolutions. I keep making all these goals for myself for 2013, like I do most years, that center around my weight. Especially now with the baby weight, I have this vision in my head of either make it happen, or failing on day 2 of the new year. Here is some advice on how to make realistic goals and how to avoid the common mistakes that cause people to fail: 

Preparing for Failed Resolutions, and How to Avoid Common Pitfalls
Picture this: As the clock strikes twelve on the New Year’s Eve, you make a resolution to get more fit, start a better diet and work out like never before. You are confident that this year you will be achieving your long lost dream of leading a healthier lifestyle. But only a few days or weeks down the line - you fizzle out. Sounds familiar?

Failed resolutions are not uncommon. But what most people don’t realize is, they can be avoided with the right level of preparation. In the following article we look into three common reasons as to why resolutions fail and what you can do about them...

#1: Having Unrealistic Goals

Whether it’s losing those extra pounds or getting fluent in Chinese, no matter what your goal is, it has to be realistic. You have to be practical in your approach in order to ensure that you not only stick to your goal, but also reach it.

For instance, when it comes to shedding weight, you can aim for maybe two pounds a week. So that you gradually make progress, which in turn helps you stay on track without losing your focus. The more you work on making your goals realistic, the higher will be your chances of success.

#2: Expecting Overnight Changes

Let’s face it - you did not add that flab to your body overnight, so how can you expect it melt away quick? While making resolutions will most definitely help you move forward, understand that it’s not a magic pill. You will have to actually be patient in order to see results.

What you should instead try to do is work on your preparation to help you make your resolution successful. When you’re well-prepared, you’ll find that it becomes easier to stick to your goal. For example, if you gained a few pounds over the holiday season, don't worry - get some sports gear to wear from somewhere like Always For Me activewear for your new exercise system. The idea is to get prepared and be ready; don't sell yourself short with excuses.

#3: Having Too Many Resolutions

A mistake that many people make is that they go for too many resolutions and tend to lose focus. While the idea of going through a radical change may be tempting, you should try to have one goal so that you are able to pull through it.

This also allows you to keep your goal simple and focused. It gives you the freedom of incorporating new positive habits into your life without really making any major changes. You’ll find that it’s easier to attain a goal when it’s laser focused, without too many other distractions.

Just the way there are people who fail at maintaining their New Year’s resolution, there are examples of others who succeed. So if you really want to reach your goals this new year, then prepare yourself for the common pitfalls that we discussed above.

*Disclosure: Consideration was giving for the editing and publishing of this article.

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