Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
This week I'm saying it's okay:

  • That our Christmas tree is a little small and sad... it actually fits in the house this year which is a major accomplishment for us
  • To be really annoyed that we spent $45 for this small sad tree... Christmas trees are ridiculously expensive... the worst part? We live in Maine... a state full of evergreens... yet we buy ours. I'm thinking next year we hit up the woods out back and see what we come up with. 
  • That we spent a whole day (and a lot of cash) buying Christmas gifts Monday, and we're only about half done. This is the major reason why I am the grinch. Seriously. 
  • That I got ridiculously excited because a former student switched her after school club day so she could be in my group... yeah, I'm awesome enough for her to come back :)
  • To be convinced I'm hearing aliens and/or ghosts over the baby monitor at night. Seriously sketchy
  • To want to go to bed at like 8 every night this week... I haven't, but I've wanted to
  • To also be ridiculously excited that I got an offer for free glasses the other day. Dude, my glasses are about 7 years and 3 prescriptions old because I'm too broke cheap to buy new ones... and now I get some for free... that review is coming a few days after I get my new glasses
  • To not really want or need anything for Christmas... everyone keeps asking me what I want, and I've got nothing. I've got things I want for Fynn... but I really don't want anything. Is this a sign that I'm really a grown up now? 

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  1. I go to a yearly christmas party that the hosts allow each family to get either a wreath or a christmas tree. Well once I moved in with my now hubby he vetoed the real tree because he had white carpet in the condo. So I got a fake one for now but I cannot wait to get a real one back!

    Stopping by from Its OK Thursday!


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