Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mini Kick Scooter

I have this bad habit of both wanting Fynn to remain a itty-bitty baby while wanted her to be older/bigger so we can do more with her. I tend to excitedly look at older kid toys at the store while at the same time staring wistfully at the newborn clothes that she will never fit into again. 

But then I see something she'll be able to play with in a few years... and I get really excited. Like these:

This is the Mini Micro Kickboard scooter from Kickboard USA. Adorable, right? We got the pink one (cause we love pink around here). It's lightweight and has a sturdy little steering thingy (column? no idea) Fynn has no idea what it is, but she really enjoyed posing with with it. I see her a couple of years from now zooming around on this bad boy. I was a little worried that it would be too much like the older kid scooters and too big and zoomy (I know, I made that word up) but it seems like it's perfect for the 3-5 year olds it's made for. It's a good size and sturdy but not something that will fly down the road making my mommy-gut clench in fear. 
1) My baby looks exactly like my husband 2) Her face. It kills me

I know, I know, she's 5 months... but this says it's for kids age 3-5... so it won't be too long before she can really ride it. Until then we can just play with it and pretend she's riding. Bonus, she has some older besties who can play with it until she's big enough. 

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but I did receive a free (pink!) scooter to review. 


  1. Is there a kid scooter out there that isn't so pricey? Not that I want to get something that won't last or isn't safe. Any suggestions, like coupon codes etc??

    kid scooter

  2. That scooter looks amazing, my son would love it! (Here from the blog hop, hi!)


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