Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mommy Bias

I look at my baby girl and I think that she's beautiful and smart and advanced for her age. She's perfect.

Then I remember that just about every mom on the planet thinks that about her child. I mean I've seen some ugly babies whose mother proclaims how adorable he/she is. And I have to wonder. Is she really all these things, or do I just love her so much that I don't see her imperfections?

It's probably some sort of evolutionary trait. A hormonal surge that makes you only see the beauty of your own child to ensure that you take care of them and all that. It's a good thing, don't get me wrong, but it does make me wonder how much of my view of Fynn is reality, and how much is mommy bias.

As much as I wonder though, I really don't care. My view of her is perfect, and until she learns to talk back to me, I will happily continue that view. 


  1. We think the world of our kids, in pretty much the same way our moms think we're perfect. Yes, it's an inherent trait. When our kids lose all self-esteem, we'll always be there to give them that needed boost.

  2. Wonderful post! I love this! We as mamas think that our kiddies are the most wonderful people in the world! You are not alone :-)

  3. Agree with you! I for one, think (know) my son is the most handsome boy in the world. :)

  4. You're right every mom is impressed with her own child. I think it's indeed an evolutionary thing to ensure the survival of humankind!


  5. I love that last line---my daughter is in her tween years--while in photos to me she's still the most beautiful girl in my life---in person I meet an ugly side at least once a day---- I just have to remind myself -that NOT REALLY HER!!! =)

  6. It's not just you, she's a beautiful baby! :)

  7. Haha! I have the exact same issue... if it could be called an issue : ) Your baby girl sure is adorable though!


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