Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Remote Computer Repair

I've realized recently how important it is to take care of your computer. As more and more pictures of the baby are saved onto this machine, I realize how devastating it would be if it crashed and we were unable to get our files off of it. Yeah, we back things up and try to save in multiple places, but our backing up does not even close to keep up with the amount of new files and pictures that gets added on here lately, especially with my blog work and all the files that go along with it.
Just some of the picture
files I would be sad to lose

If something does go wrong with my computer, being without it while it gets repaired would be rough. Yeah, I have my iPhone, but there are so many things that either can't be done on the phone, or are just a lot easier to do on a PC. That's why I think it's really cool that there are sites out there that can diagnose and repair your computer remotely. It saves the trip to the store AND gets your computer back up and working much faster.

Geeks Mobile USA is one of the many computer repair and computer support sites out there. They are able to help figure out what is wrong with your computer and fix it for you. Remote sites can save a lot of time and hassle, especially when it's a quick fix. It stinks to bring your computer in, wait a week until they get the chance to look at it (or worse, wait for them to send it to some other place for diagnostics) and then discover it's a 5-minute fix.

It's crazy how much we rely on computers these days. Even ten years ago, going a week without a computer was no big deal. These days it makes a huge difference both in people's work and personal lives. Anything that can save time and get your computer back to speed is something worth trying out.

*Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Geeks Mobile USA


  1. Your page looks lovely, love it. It's nice dropping here.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I agree with you that it is ridiculously crazy how much we rely on computers. It is important to get them checked out for security and virus reasons as well.

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