Saturday, December 15, 2012

Some Randoms

  • Yesterday I watched a student VERY actively pick her nose for about 5 minutes... she didn't seem to care that like 6 people were watching her
  • I also saw another student (thankfully not one of mine) who was grabbing at herself as she walked down the hall today... I ducked into the teacher's room so that she could continue to think she was alone in the hall
  • Why do parents think it's in my job description to find their childs missing gloves/jacket/pencil? Um, no... I read my contract the other day, says nothing about keeping track of your kids crap. Your kid? yes. Their stuff? not so much.

  • I'm entering This giveaway over on Neely's blog for all kinds of amazing goodies. From ad space to make up and everything else.
  • I'm also entering Eliza's giveaway for a Target gift card (mostly go go buy more diapies and headbands for the bitty
  • So I do about 90% of my blog reading on my phone (usually while pumping, sorry if that's tmi) but the hard part is commenting. I read on my Bloglovin app (which I loves!) but I haven't figured out how to comment on there and by the time I get home on my laptop I forget all about the comments I wanted to write (so if you're one of the people whose getting comments on post from like a week ago, I'm sorry... it just too me that long to remember that I REALLY liked your post). Any advice? 

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  1. omg I always get so embarrassed when I see kids doing embarrassing things but then I remember that they're obviously not ashamed so more power to 'em! haha Crazy kids. I'm the same way with blog reading. I skim through my Reader really quick while I'm at work and can't always leave comments..Unless I have a few free minutes like now ;)


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