Monday, January 14, 2013

6 Months

This post is SOOOO late. Fynn was 6 months on Jan 3rd, but it took me forever to get her picture done. First she was sick, then we were busy... but I finally did it. These photo shoots are getting so hard now. She just moves so much and is really active. She just wanted to play with the monkey and dance around. It was adorable, but made a good comparison picture almost impossible. I had this idea when I started these pictures that I would have 12 pictures of her sitting up next to the monkey and looking at the camera... as with most things, I'm learning that my ideas of baby are very different then what actually happens with baby. Live and learn. 

I know I say this every single month, but every single month it amazes me how fast time flies and how big this baby is getting. It's actually hard for me to remember what she was like when she was itty bitty!

So here, goes. 

Little baby you are 6 months old now, 6 months. I remember when you were born thinking about how far away this was. 6 months is one of those big milestone months (okay... I guess they all are, but 6 just seems so much more significant for some reason). You are HALF a year old.

This month you:

  • are about 16 pounds... maybe more. I don't really know. We go to your 6 month check up on the 18th, so I'll come back and update with your weight and height then.
  • are wearing mostly 6 month clothes. Up until a week ago you still fit into 3-6 month stuff, but that's officially over. The past couple of days you've been wearing some 6-9 and 9 month stuff too. You're so tall that the larger size fits better, but is baggy.
  • are wearing size 3 diapers now
  • are getting more hair! All of a sudden in the last few weeks it's started coming in a lot more. It's very fine, and pretty light. We can't tell yet if it's going to be blonde or light brown. In some spots it looks really blonde, and in others it's darker.

  • figured out rolling from belly to back. You have been doing it for awhile, but this month you just got it and do it all the time now... we just have to work on the whole bonking your head when you go over piece, for some reason your just not a fan 

  • had your first solid foods! So far you've had avocado, banana, and sweet potato. You love being able to eat real food!

  • figured out how to scoot backwards when on your belly, it's so cute because you scoot around and then seem so surprised to find yourself someplace different. You're also good at turning around when you're on your belly
  • are trying SO HARD to crawl, but it's just not quite coming together yet. You scootch your little booty up in the air, wiggle around, move your arms and legs... but it's just not quite working yet, I have a feeling it will be really soon though
  • stand really well. With little support (more for balance then anything) you can stand up. You love playing while standing which is exhausting for whoever is holding you. 

  • sit all by yourself! You can balance and sit up straight for awhile. Once you get tired you start swaying side to side until you tip over.
  • talk a lot! You're learning a lot more sounds and putting them together more. You'll be silent for awhile and then all of a sudden you just bust out with a whole conversation of gibberish. You have the most adorable little voice and I love when we "talk" back and forth.
  • had your first Christmas and New Years. You saw Santa, opened tons of gifts, and didn't make it to midnight on NYE, which made me very happy.

  • got a new carseat. Your feet were sticking out of the infant seat for awhile now and you just weren't comfortable in it. Not to mention that it was getting way too heavy for me to carry you around in. You now how two brand new (pink!) convertible carseats that you love

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