Friday, January 11, 2013

A lady doesn't poop after 9pm

Last night, after unsuccessfully trying to get Fynn to sleep in her own bed, I pulled her into bed with me. I laid her down in between me and Drew, and she grinned, because she won. I was too tired to fight with her about where she slept. And honestly? I like it when she sleeps curled up next to me. Yeah, it doesn't feel great on my back, but it's so sweet to have that soft, cuddly little baby right next to me all night long. Anyways, I digress,  I pulled her into bed and she was all happy because she got what she wanted. She "talked" for a few minutes. Looked back and forth between her father and me... and then let one rip.

My response:
"Fynn, a lady doesn't poop after 9 pm, mostly because her Mama doesn't want to change her" 

"A lady doesn't poop at all"

The things we're teaching our daughter. 

* There was more to the conversation, and I remember saying that it would make a great blog post. However, I can't remember the rest of it and Drew's in a pissy mood (he seriously just bit my head off for asking about it), so I'll just post the little snippet I remember.

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  1. That's funny! I often have great posts that I cant remember! Good luck with the hubby maybe you will get flowers out of it?! A girl can dream!

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