Monday, January 21, 2013

First Word?

She also drinks out of a straw.
Fynn's been babbling for awhile now. She's been chattering away and having a blast mimicing us and "talking" to us... but this weekend, I'm pretty sure she said her first, real, meaningful word. I think.

She said "Dada". I know I know, she's too young to know what it means. But I swear, it seems like she knows. She only says it when Drew's around. She looks right at him and says it. Or last night she said it after he left the room and she was looking around for him. I want to say that it was just a fluke, that she's just babbling and experimenting with sounds, but it just seems too coincidental the way she uses it. It just seems like she knows what it means and is using it to refer to her father.

Other moms, when did your baby say their first (meaningful) word? Am I crazy to think she's done it? 


  1. Hayden said dada first too... little stinker! I think they know what it means :P

  2. Awesomeee! Lily said Dadda first too so I don't think it's crazy to think that! I think they just know lol!

  3. I'm sure she knows what it means!! Violet said Mama and then Dada about a week after. And now she doesn't stop calling us! haha I love it :)


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