Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Starting Solids- an update on Baby led weaning

I posted before about starting the Baby-Led Weaning method when it came to introducing solids with Fynn. While my research into it, and the theory are excellent, after a few weeks we discovered that it doesn't quite work the way I thought. While Fynn LOVES feeding herself some foods, others she just didn't enjoy. 

This baby can scarf down chunks of sweet potato like nobody's business.  She's great at getting it in her mouth, chewing it up and swallowing. But some foods didn't work. I thought she hated bananas because each time we gave them to her she played for a bit and then lost interest. Then we were at my in-laws and tried mashing it up and feeding it on a spoon. She devoured half a banana in no time! 

So we're playing it by ear. We give her food to self-feed, but we also do some foods mashed up. She'll eat what she wants and learn about food as we go, which is what's important here.

The major drawback to introducing solids? The diapers. OM-Gee the diapies! I didn't mind diaper changing when she was exclusively breastfed. They weren't that nasty and they didn't really smell bad... but now. Yuck. I literally gag through every poopy diaper change... is 6 months too early to potty train? Cause I don't know if I can do this the next couple of years until she's ready for it. So nasty. 


  1. ha yes. The diapers are bad now for us too! I usually feed Lily banana by spoon too and she'll eat it up. She loves it! We had been feeding her cereal with apple juice but we've recently switched to grape and she loves that too!

  2. Ok, she is SOOOOOOO CUTE! Oh my.

  3. you'll get used to the diapers. Either that or Fynn will get used to Mommy gagging during changes

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