Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This week is making my brain function worse then usual... and that's saying a lot

This week has been crazy, and long. Yes, I realize it is only Tuesday, which just makes it that much worse. 

Fynn's sick. She's had a cold for about a week, but over the weekend it got worse and she had this nasty cough. Cue 3 am Monday morning as she's hacking up a lung and wheezing like crazy. We decided that I would stay home with her Monday and go to the doctors. I went into work at 6 am to frantically write (rather poor) sub plans and make sure everything was all set. Then I went home to be with my poor sick baby. 

I called the doctor's office about 30 seconds after they opened in the morning, got an appointment, and hauled my wheezy, snotty baby into their office. The doctor listened to her lungs and my account of what's been going on and decided we should try a nebulizer treatment to see how she responded to it. After wrestling with her for 10 minutes to try and keep the mask on enough to inhale the meds (seriously I think I got more of them then she did) he listened again and said that they didn't do anything. Awesome, so that battle was for nothing? The doctor said that it looks like a bronchialitis (sidenote: the symptoms/treatment for this sound exactly like those for bronchitis .. so what's the difference?) and that the only thing to do was wait it out... and that it could take THREE MORE WEEKS for her to be back to normal again. I'm sorry, what? ThReEEEEE more weeks? Great. This is going to be fun. 

The rest of the day was spent cuddling, napping, and playing. For the most part Fynn was her usual happy self. She was stuff and seemed annoyed by it while nursing, but that didn't stop her from playing. 

Yesterday we decided to send Fynn to daycare, because we're bad parents like that, and because she doesn't have a fever and the doctor claims she's not contagious. I get to school this morning only to discover a myriad of complaints about my kids' behavior lately. Awesome. Let's add more stress when I haven't slept in days.

I was a mess at work today. I wanted to cry or scream at my kids. I'm frustrated, tired, and don't know how to fix some of their problems*

Then I get an e-mail tonight about my Facebook page. It seems they couldn't get to it using the link I'd sent them or the widget on the blog. Weird. So I investigated... and discovered that Monday night when I was playing with all my settings I set it up so that viewers in the U.S. couldn't see my page. Brilliant. Seriously. 

I need to sleep. I shouldn't be blogging right now, I should go to sleep, but I really just had to vent about my day. Even my students could tell how tired I was today. This afternoon one of them told me that I should get extra coverage when I leave in the afternoon and go take a nap in my car. This is why I love them. They don't know that when a sub comes in every day it's because I go to pump (at least I hope they don't know... I prefer to think they don't, otherwise it's too awkward) they just know I leave for 20 minutes at a time, but they figured I could use the additional time to go take a nap. Love it. 

*fyi, my students are awesome, amazing, intelligent kids... they just don't know when to shut up and it gets them in a LOT of trouble.

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