Saturday, February 9, 2013

7 Months

January flew by. Suddenly it's February and the bitty baby is 7 months old. I just don't get how time keeps speeding up. Before I know it she'll be 16!

Dear Fynn,

Every month I say that I'm enjoying you more and more, and every month I mean it! Things just keep getting better and better and your Daddy and I are loving watching you grow and learn each and every day. You constantly amaze us with the things you are learning to do and figuring out.

This month you:

  • Are about 18 pounds. 
  • Are 27 3/4 inches tall according to your 6th month visit 2 weeks ago (we were a little late on that one!) You are in the 91st(!) percentile for height. Everyone looks at me, laughs, and asks where you get that height from when I tell them that! Don't know how you got so tall baby girl, but it looks good on you.
  • Are wearing size 3 diapers, sometimes size 4... mostly because we have size 4 diapers we got on sale Black Friday so we've stuck you in them because we don't feel like buying more diapers right now.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE foods. Clementines seem to be your favorite. Whenever you smell them you get crazy excited!

  • can drink out of a straw. You try to drink out of my water cup, but I'm afraid you're going to stab yourself in the throat, so we got you baby cups with straws and you love them.
  • sit by yourself completely. The nurse a few weeks ago was blown away. She was asking if you could sit up supported and was amazed that you could sit all by yourself
  • said "Dada" this month. You totally know what you're saying when you do it. You look right at your Daddy, or are looking for him when you say it. Now hurry up and say "Mama"!
  • Can stand supported. You can hold onto the side of the couch or your jumper and stand up for a bit. You lose your balance quickly, but you're getting stronger and stronger every day

  •  can scoot around! When you're on your belly, you've been able to scoot backwards for a little while. The past few weeks you've gotten really good at going backwards and side to side, AND have started to move forward a bit as well. You love it because you can finally get to things that are out of your reach, and you're just so freaking cute as you army crawl around... but its's making us nervous now... I guess we really need to baby proof this place


  1. Yes, I think a bit of-actually a lot of baby proofing is in order now!! Before you know it she will be crawling (fast)-pulling herself up where she should not be and getting into all kinds of mischief! She is adorable!!

  2. So big!!! She's totally bigger than WB he's nearly 10 months! Although he is also totally insane and won't stop moving!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. Happy 7 months, sweet baby! I love that she's in yellow <3

  4. So adorable! I love her little bow!


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