Friday, February 8, 2013

At School Recently

Some interesting tidbits from school this past week:

  • We had a lockdown practice the other day. Not going to lie, in light of what happened at Sandy Hook, my heart fluttered when our principal came on to announce it. Even though I knew it was a planned drill, it was still rather unnerving. Some of my kids got a little panicked too. It just feels too real now. Too possible
  • I was walking down the hall the other day when a custodian I know was walking towards me. As I was getting ready to say hello he says "good thanks, how are you?". I had to laugh because it's totally something I would do.
  • I put on my black Magic Pants the other day, and headed to work. About 5 minutes after getting to work I realized that my pants felt REALLY tight, like uncomfortably tight. I spent the whole day feeling really bad about myself and worrying that I had suddenly gained a whole bunch of weight. When I got home that night I was getting changed when I realized I was wearing my other black pants. My 6 size, pre-pregnancy pants. Holy crap! I didn't think I could even pull them up over my hips yet, but somehow I got them on and buttoned. Yeah, they were tight... BUT THEY FIT!!!! 

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