Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's OK Thursday

It's Thursday, which means I can say it's ok:

  • that I'm really bummed my vacation week is almost over
  • that i sent Fynn to daycare yesterday and today to get some stuff done. Yeah, I feel like a bad Mommy, but Mommy needs a break sometimes
  • that I'm getting a massage this morning rather then being productive. Whatever, it's vacation and I haven't had a massage on forever.
  • to be REALLY excited that Julie is almost done my new blog design. I can't wait for you all to see it!
  • that I suddenly realized the other day that I have hardly any pictures of myself since Fynn was born. I used to be all about selfies, but I guess I found a much more photogenic subject now
Reaching into the dog bed full of toys

  • to find it hilarious that Fynn is more excited by the dog toys then her own. And that Zoey is more excited by the baby toys... and that the two of them may have fought over a dog toy yesterday morning. 
  • to be sad that I haven't been out snowmobiling the past two winters. First I was preggers and now we have the bitty. I shouldn't say that's an excuse for this year, it just hasn't happened. Hopefully we can get one ride in before the snows gone... if not, there's always next year
  • To be blown away by the previews of next week's Teen Mom 2. Seriously, these girls are nuts, and their lives are train wrecks. I just don't get how their lives are like this (and yes, I get that it's a tv show, so they make it more dramatic... but you can't make some of this crap up)


  1. I've taken many days off of work and sent Aubrey to daycare. It's definitely okay!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your day!!!!! Sometimes you just need an entire day of me time!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. Just stopped by visiting from julie's site and I think your blog looks great!!! I especially like the color choices and your About me section. Enjoy the new design!


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