Monday, March 11, 2013

8 Months

We've reached 8 months... it freaks me out to know she's 2/3 of the way through her first year. Like that fraction work there? Can you tell I teach fractions to third graders? 

Dear Fynn,

Please slow down and be a baby! You're so determined to discover new things and learn how to do things that I feel like you're not a baby anymore. You look and act like such a toddler. I thought I would have all this time to get used to you growing up, but here you are speeding through your first year.

This month you:

  • Are around 20 lbs... I think. You were 18 at your 6 month check up, and I can tell you've grown since then. I can't wait until your 9 month check to see just how big you've gotten. You're a lot taller then before too, which is hard to believe because you're already so tall for your age! 
  • Learned how to move! You get on your belly and do the "inchworm" it's hilarious. Towards the end of this month you figured out how to get your legs up under you, but you're still fastest and more comfortable inching around. 
  • Figured out how to go from your belly to sitting up. You're pretty good at it, but it scares me because you often look like you're going to faceplant.
  • Are still obsessed with the dog. You love to grab at her face and ears. Poor Zoey. She's such a good sport though and doesn't get upset, even when you're beating on her. 
  • Are finally getting some hair. It looks blonde for the most part, but some of it is darker, so it's hard to tell what color it will actually be when it grows in
  • Want to walk so bad! You fuss and fight until we stand you up, then you try to get us to let go! You clearly do not have the ability or balance to even stand up on your own, let alone walk, but you really want to! 
  • Love daycare. You and your BFF "C" (who's 15 months) give each other hugs and get so excited to see each other in the mornings. It is adorable. You also LOVE "D", your babysitter. Knowing you're in a place where you're loved and where you love them makes it so much easier to go to work every day
  • Started kissing. You do this adorably slimy, open mouth kiss right on our faces. It is just so sweet. Sometimes you will even do it when I ask for kisses which melts my heart
  • Still have no teeth. Seriously, it's frustrating. You keep getting fussy and acting like your teeth hurt, but there's nothing there! 


  1. Such a cutie! I love the one of her and the dog. What an awesome pup to be able to handle that kind of "love" :)

  2. OMG 8 months?! Crazy talk. I Love her outfit!! I had that onesie for V too but she only got to wear it once or twice. And seriously, could that baby look anymore like her daddy? lol

  3. Oh my word. Your baby girl is PRECIOUS! :) I LOVE IT! What a cutie! Thank you SO much for linking up with us for Mamarazzi Mondays! I hope you'll be back next week! I will have to check out your link-up as well :) I'm also your newest follower! :) XOXO!


  4. She is so cute! My daughter didn't cut teeth until she was 10 months old, but I felt like she teethed for 3 months! It can be so frustrating!

  5. Awwww beautiful little girl! She is not far behind my Hayden - He will be 1 next month eeek!

    Thank you so much for linking up with Friday Chaos.
    Be sure to come back again this week & let us know if you would like to co host

    Lotte xo

  6. She is just too cute! I love that age...they grow too fast lol


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