Friday, March 1, 2013

When I was in college, the worst part of each semester was buying all the books I needed for class. Either I went to the school bookstore and paid an arm and a leg for them, or I scoured the internet for hours trying to find the right edition of the textbook for the cheapest price possible. I hated it. I always felt like I was spending all this money on books I would only need for a few months. Worse was that once I was done with the books, I could either hold on to them (and, for most of the books, never actually use them again) or I could sell them back for maybe a couple of bucks. I hated it. It just felt like such a waste of money! I wish that something like existed back them! 

Renting textbooks just makes so much more sense. A lot of the books you need for school aren't things you're going to reuse in the future. Out of all the books I bought during college, I have maybe two that I've used since then... and about 20 kicking around my bookshelf collecting dust. helps you in a couple of ways:
  1. The books are cheaper. You save anywhere from 40%-90% off the bookstore prices (this alone is enough of an incentive for me)
  2. There's free shipping both ways
  3. You can actually highlight IN the textbooks, just like if you had bought it.
  4. The renting period is flexible  Need it for a few extra weeks to finish up some late work? No problem. Want it for just part of the semester? Cool.
  5. With each textbook rented, they donate to Operation Smile, an international charity that provides free surgery to kids born with facial deformities such as cleft lips. A great cause and an easy way to help kids in need.
Another option? Their new RentBack program. This allows you to rent your textbooks that you've already bought to other students. You get to make more then you would through buyback options (they say you can make 2-4 TIMES more with this program!) You've already spent the money... might as well get a little something back. Hmm... I should see if any of my books are worth renting... they're a few years old, but they might be worth something.  

*Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. Facts about this service come from the website itself. All opinions are my own 


  1. Oh how I wish this had been around when I was in law school - it could have saved me *thousands* of dollars

  2. is a credible site and often has the best rental prices. However always do a Textbook Price Comparison. For example this particular nursing book:

    Price Compare NCLEX review: 9781437708257

    You will see that you can buy a used copy for a few dollars more than the price of a rental - no need to worry about returning on time, plus you may be able to resell the book.

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  4. I use
    An online resource for Renting, Selling, and Searching Text books online. One of the largest wholesalers of college textbooks. They have saved me a bunch of money when renting textbooks


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