Friday, March 29, 2013

Can you make your baby smarter while they’re still in utero?- A guest post

Kristen Hurst is a stay at home mother of three who enjoys blogging. She received her bachelor's degree in fashion marketing, and writes often about maternity swimwear. When she's not trying to juggle the lives of Casey, Austin and Ben, she enjoys painting and catching up with a great Jane Austen novel. 

 Let’s face it; we live in an extremely competitive world. And it turns at a rapid rate, with ever increasing global pressures and a population that is strife with people entering our schools, as well as a lackluster job force and the world economy. So where will your child fit? And is there anything you can do before they are even born?

You can! And here are a few tips to start that little budding genius of yours on the path to Smartsville:
  • Start building a strong foundation: this goes without saying that having a healthy environment to grow a child, helps both mother and baby to be. Make sure that you talk with your doctor before your pregnant, start your prenatal vitamins as soon as you can. Make every effort to quit smoking (smoke deprives that developing fetus essential levels of oxygen) and drinking alcohol. Rule out any chronic illnesses as sometimes an underlying infection could potentially harm an unborn child, eat healthy vitamin and protein-rich foods, never eat under-cooked meat and get lots of calcium. Rest when you can which can be easier said than done, especially if you suffer with chronic back pain or severe indigestion, but the less-stressed the better it is for that baby of yours. When you are feeling anxious, stress hormones flood through their tiny bodies, too. 
  • ·Make children a priority: When embarking upon the oft exciting and terrifying world of childbirth and parenting, it can be one fraught with a bit of trepidation and a great amount of unknowns. But if you are a savvy parent, you will do your best to prepare you (and your newborn) for the best possible experience possible. Make sure you go to every doctor’s visit; bring up questions in regards to issues or symptoms. Ask about what you as a parent can do to give your child the best tools for success from the very minute they are born. Certainly choosing to breastfeed is certainly one way to begin the journey. If breastfeeding doesn’t work for you due to physical or emotional difficulties, make sure you bond with your child as much as possible. The stronger your child develops that bond, the quicker he/she will be able to grow with confidence and strength.
  •   Diet and overall Health: As your child grows during the first year of their life, they will never again experience the same amount of brain growth as they will in this very prescient period of time. Try to encourage good eating and sleeping habits. Don’t forget those little brains grow and develop during those little naps they often take (no wonder infants are always so sleepy, lots of growing going on!). Limiting their naps or amounts of food would be extremely harmful at this point, though there have been some errant, on the fringe-parents who have actually tried to slim down a chubby baby by withholding essential nutrients. Keep your child well-fed, well-rested and above all, healthy. 
  •  Stimulation: There is no documented scientific study that demonstrates reading to a pregnant woman’s belly would produce a child that was more inclined to reading than one who wasn’t; rather it produces more results more along the lines of anecdotal evidence. A parent who swears that the headphones placed on her stomach encouraged her toddler to recognize songs that she hears on her favorite television show. But the key here is involvement. And that absolutely is essential in growth and development. The neglected child will not prosper, bloom and grow as her counterparts who are constantly under the care and supervision of a nurturing parent. Speaking, singing and interacting will help them in every facet of development. 

At the end of the day, very few of us will end up with mathematical geniuses, artistic or musical prodigies, or even a child who reaches a status of celebrity. But the role you can play as parent can help them develop the best to their ability. Something we all should push ourselves to do each and every day. After all, there is something to be said about raising a good and decent citizen of the universe. Probably we won’t receive the same recognition and accolades as the parents of a toddler who could read and write at age seventeen months, but if your child is a happy, healthy individual, then that is worth all the effort.


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