Saturday, March 2, 2013

Eavesdropping Via Baby Monitor

I mentioned it on Twitter last week, but I love to eavesdrop on Drew and Fynn over the baby monitor. 

I love watching Drew and Fynn together any time. They're adorable and sweet and there's something so heart melting about watching the man you love interact with their child. But those moments, when they're alone, are probably the sweetest of all.

Every morning I go downstairs to get ready, pack lunch, etc. Drew stays upstairs and when Fynn gets up he starts playing and talking to her. Cutest. Thing. Ever. He jokes with her and tells her how smart she is. I hear them playing games or babbling to each other and I just can't help smiling.

 This morning he went up to put her down for a nap, and I listened to him read her a book in the silliest baby voice imaginable. A voice I didn't know my husband had. A voice I would have never heard if I hadn't turned on the monitor. This tough guy I've been with for 10 years? He has a major soft side. Her name is Fynn.


  1. LOVE this!! What sweet kiddos you have! (: Found you from the blog hop!


  2. Oh that is the cuuuuuutest thing ever!!!!! Btw new follower:) Thanks for linking up to the LEEIB blog hop today (:

  3. Thanks for linking up in the GFC hop today. <3 I've already been following you for a while!

  4. that's cute, but don't forget to turn that eavesdropping baby monitor off, when you don't need it, because someone may try to use it against you.


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