Monday, March 18, 2013

Giggles and Grumps

Have young kids and looking for some new, fun activities to do with them? 
Meet Aly from over at Giggles and Grumps

When asked about her blog, Aly said: My blog is full of ideas, tips, and tricks for taking care of young children. I have tons of activities for infants and toddlers in particular right now. I have a background (an associates degree) in Early Childhood Education. Based on this and my years of experience working professionally with children, I create or find activities through various sources [and then complete them with the girls I nanny, complete with pictures] that encourage positive development in all aspects of a child's life. I also provide other prospective nannies and babysitters with a list of must-haves before they start nannying or babysitting. My blog is pretty new, so there's a lot more to come!

Aly's blog is full of a lot of great ideas, I've bookmarked a couple I want to try with Fynn such as a baby-safe paint recipe (because you KNOW she'll end up eating it) and some cute ways to use hand and footprints to make great gifts. The things I love most about her blog, is that she's categorized her different activities by ages so it's easy to find something that is appropriate for the age of your kid. Her resources are great for parents, babysitters, or really anyone who works with young kids and is looking for some fresh ideas for fun, sensory activities that help them learn while they play.

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