Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ready to move

I'm ready.

When Drew and I bought this house almost 4 years ago, the plan was to rehab it* and sell in a couple of years. Those years have come and gone and we're ready to get out. 

Not that we don't like this house. I love the location. It's an easy drive to work and to local places. The neighborhood is decent (actually there's just one person I can't stand in the neighborhood. They just happen to live right next door with their dog they let bark all night long and attack people). I like the town we're in... it's just this house. Our living room is tiny now that we have all the baby stuff, and I don't like the way things flow. I always feel like there's no place to put things.

We'be spent four years now remodeling and making the house look nice... but it still doesn't feel like home to me. It just feels like the place that we live for now. We want to move. Soon. Not out of state or anything (much to my chagrin) but just to a different house/maybe different town. 

With that in mind, we have some project to get done around here before we can put it on the market. Which led to two weeks ago when Drew started taking apart our deck. He put the decking material on Craigslist for free and quickly got about a bajillion responses. He ended up choosing a guy who works in construction. He came last week and took off the railings. They tried to get up the decking, but the guys drill wasn't working right and the boards kept snapping. He decided to bail on the decking, but somehow ended up taking the hot tub that's been sitting unused in our basement this whole time**. Score! Our basement looks huge now. 

After he left Drew started using his own drill out there and managed to get the decking up without wrecking it, so he's been doing that little by little all week. The guy's going to comeback when he's done and take it, which means we don't have to take it to the dump.

Hopefully after this deck project is done, we will only have a few more projects to go before we can get out of here! 

* We bought the house at auction after it had been foreclosed on. It was in pretty rough shape, as in needed all new septic system, pipes in the basement, new bathrooms, mostly new flooring, and a lot of little stuff. Luckily Drew's super handy and I'm super good at holding things for him, so we were able to do about 90% of it on our own

**It was in the house when we bought it... kinda nasty looking, not something I wanted to sit in. We don't even know if it works.


  1. I totally understand the feeling of never having a place to put anything and everything being cluttered. I want to move too and hope you get to move very soon!

  2. I'm in the same boat. Our house is tiny and we have been remodling it since we moved in 6 years ago! It just never seems to be finished and we never have enough room. Now that Baby #2 is on the way, we have to move!


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