Tuesday, March 19, 2013

That TIme My Debit Card Was Stolen

Last Tuesday morning I got a strange e-mail from Walmart.com saying that a lot of my account information with them had been changed. It told me that the account e-mail, password, and name had all been changed.

My first reaction: Did I go onto Walmart.com last night? Hmmm... I don't think so. But I did order pictures from Shutterfly, so maybe I logged in to Walmart too to check prices. Crap. No, I didn't. What the...

So I quickly called the number in the e-mail to inform them that it was not me who had change the information. Of course, it was 7am when I called, so I got their answering service which said to leave my name and phone number, so they could call me back. Then I called Drew to give him a heads up and have him check out bank account (sad fact? I don't even know the log in info for our online banking... Drew's told it to me before, but I always forget it). 

He logged into our account and goes "Yup, there's a $180 charge from last night on it". I totally thought he was kidding. I even laughed and said "Yeah, right. That would suck". Yeah, it did suck because he wasn't joking with me. Ugh. I was so annoyed. Drew said he would talk to our credit union because it's in the same building as his office and I was going to take care of Walmart's customer service to make sure they knew it wasn't my purchase and that they were going to cancel the account so this thief couldn't make any more purchase.

Later that day I finally got a Customer Service Rep on the phone. The woman was really nice and told me that the account was already canceled and that they were going to work with my bank to reimburse my money. Easy enough. The only part that sucked was that the person was smart enough to have digital merchandise delivered to their e-mail address, and it was already claimed, so they couldn't just cancel the order or not ship it.

Everyone involved was great. My bank, Walmart's customer service, they were all really nice and super helpful.


Here's my question. Someone goes in, changes ALL their account information except the credit card. Then orders $180 worth of digital merchandise that is going to a different e-mail account than the one on the account... and that doesn't raise any red flags? It seems simple to me, but I would think changes like that would put some type of hold on the account to prevent fraud like this from happening.


  1. Walmart is so big, I think some of that stuff is hard to catch. I am glad they were so good about it though!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. Yikes! That's awful. Hopefully they reimburse you soon!

  3. Yeah, that's strange. Do you even know how someone would have got into your account!? Yikes! I would think that by changing all the info it wouldn't have gone through because usually name, address, and card number have to match.

  4. That is not fun at all! I'm glad that you got it resolved. And I don't know the log in information for our bank stuff because I'm too lazy to learn, I just check Mint whenever I'm curious ;)


  5. I once had someone years ago order a bunch of tile over seas- I never knew how they got my info- but luckily I caught it right away and called the bank. It took about a week to get the money back. Luckily you caught it before they made more purchases!


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