Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

  • I discovered last week that Drew actually does still read my blog. He used to read and mention things about it all the time, but he doesn't do that anymore, so I just figured he doesn't read. However he commented on last Thursday's thoughts... guess I should be more careful about what I say about him here :)
  • I have this obsession with entering giveaways on blogs. I just love it... it just sucks because I don't really win anything. I've won a couple little things. Ad space, small gift cards, even a cute set of rings... but I REALLY want to win something big. Just once. Just to say I did... guess I better get back to entering and hope for the best. 
  • Last weekend my sister and I were at the mall with Fynn and the Easter bunny walked by. I thought the kids eyes were going to pop out of her head. She just stared at that giant bunny while he waved at her. Makes me wonder what she would have done if we actually plopped her on his lap. I'd do it, but seriously? I'm not waiting in line for an hour with a baby just to get a damn picture. Sorry. Not happening.
  • As I type this Drew's talking to me about something that's happening on the Bruin's game. Since I mentioned that I'm going to be careful about I post about him on here, I'm going to say that I'm listening REALLY carefully to what he's saying to me. REALLY carefully. 
  • Conferences started yesterday. Which means my life is going to be crazy busy and exhausting for the next three weeks. I really wish I had the option to just set up two (or more even!) conferences with each family during the school year. 1) It's be way more productive because I could focus solely on that student and not on all 26 at once 2) it would be less stressful 3) I wouldn't have to stay after school for 1-4 hours every day for three weeks. Which means I'd be less grumpy. Which means my students would probably have more enjoyable school days for those three weeks. Just saying. 


  1. I've won a few things on blogs, and I had a super lucky streak a couple of years ago. I think a lot of that had to do with the number of giveaways I was entering. I had time to do that back then. Anyway, one thing I've noticed lately is that I get an email that I have won, but the item never shows up. That is incredibly disappointing.

    Three weeks for conferences? That would drive me crazy.

  2. I used to enter contests (on blogs and elsewhere) all the time but haven't done much of it lately. I need to get back to it!!

    Your link doesn't work in the link-up, but I'll fix it.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. Haha, I LOVE to enter blog giveaways and last week I finally won something! I was super excited!!!
    And I have it set up that my blog e-mails to my husband every day because I was offended that he never read what I was telling the world about our life, but he had to click a link and load it, and it was just too much effort for him, so now he reads it in an e-mail! (I did this for my mom too!)

  4. Ha- I am definitely curious about who in my "real life" has been reading and just not commenting. You should sneak in something now and again to test Drew!

  5. I've never won a blog giveaway or really anything anywhere for that matter..but I still try.

    stopping by from the link up.


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