Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where was this 4 years ago?

Four years ago (whoa, was it really that long ago?) when Drew and I were planning our wedding, we wanted to have favors that were cute and fun. I really wanted to do something like customized M & M's with our names on them or something equally personalized (I love things that have my name on them... doesn't matter what it is, if my name's on it, I love it). However, everything we found was just too expensive. We were having a decent-sized wedding, and couldn't really afford to drop a ton of cash on favors. 

We ended up with some cute (though impersonal) favor boxes in the shape of a bride and groom filled with dark chocolate hearts. Tasty, cute... but not what I had envisioned in my head originally.

They can even put your picture on it!
Oh how I wish I had found Announce It! back then. Their website,, lets you create just that. Customized candy bar wrappers for any and all occasions. You can get all different sizes and kinds of candy with personalized wrappers for a great price. I actually think doing these would have been cheaper than the boxes and candy we ended up buying and THESE would have had our names on them. Missed. Opportunity. Make sure to check them out at

This style would have completely
matched our wedding colors!

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  1. I used them for baby shower favors for a shower I hosted for a friend. They were a big hit!

    I'm doing personalized koozie favors for my wedding from totally wedding koozies (

  2. I did this for a baby shower about a year ago and they were a huge hit!


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